Merry Christmas – Jesus as Our Libertarian Friend

There are probably few better role models than that of Jesus Christ. It doesn’t matter what religion or spirituality encompasses your framework and world-view, looking at Jesus Christ as a person, based off of a well-known book called The Bible, shows that he is just the type of guy that many households could use right now – as a friend, a companion, a confidant, and a freedom-fighter.


As people who cherish liberty and our natural rights to do things like eat the food we want, maintain control over our property (including our body), and defend and protect ourselves and our loved ones from harm – we embrace individual rights. We embrace taking responsibility for ourselves. As Michael Badnarik eloquently points out in his lectures and Constitution classes, he says “I am King” – and that each of us, as individuals are Kings. We bow to no one. We are responsible for ourselves and cherish ourselves as individuals. This is unique to most forms of governments in the world – our country is still very free.


In Luke 17:21, Jesus is talking about where exactly the Kingdom of God is, and says that it is nether “here” nor “there”, “because the kingdom of God is within you” (New International Version Bible, 1984). Stop looking around – God is inside of us, and we are the Kings of our lives. And, as Badnarik would say, “It is good to be King”.


Jesus is the kind of friend that would not cast judgment on a person – he ate and drank with thieves (thieves at that time were the tax-collectors) and prostitutes, he was nice to everyone – he loved people where they were at. Like most of us who cherish liberty, we oftentimes find ourselves preaching to others, but we respect people’s individual choices and would never use force to change the behavior of another. Love versus force – a big gap in how to encourage behavior amongst our fellow men. I opt for using love to encourage behavior – not force.


Religions use “sin” as a word to cast judgment and prove “wrongness”. In Greek, “sin” literally means to “miss the mark”. And oh, how so many of us do miss that mark. Morality is subjective – there will be no agreement amongst humankind about right or wrong – but we can all think of ways that we “miss the mark”. In America, that mark is remembering that we are powerful individuals, and that our natural rights must be intact for us to not be slaves.


Jesus turned over the tables of the “money-changers” and was a rabble-rousing truth-seeker that caused problems for “the King”. Those money-changers (like the Federal Reserve today) and thieves (like the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)) were called out by Jesus – for their robbery of the people. They were eroding the wealth and property of the people, and Jesus had enough of it. He did not lay down, he did not shut up, he spoke out and eventually his life was taken for it.


There is no better way to celebrate this holiday (again, regardless of what you believe in as “God”) than to celebrate the rabble-rouser whose birth so many celebrate. So, this Christmas, I wish to you a merry time with friends, family, pets, etc. in celebration of the birth of a man who made enemies of those who would keep us on our knees.

Making Enemies of People Who Keep Us On Our Knees

What is your greatest fear? For me, after a lifetime of struggling with my own fears and worries, I am working on letting go of fear as much as I can. Because fear stops me from accomplishing things that I want to accomplish.

After so many fights, in my own mind – of being scared of death, scared of war, scared of terrorists, scared of God – I let go of my fears. I decided that I would spend my time loving my walk on earth, versus being terrified of all of the things that could go wrong while I am here.

Fear is the basis for most of our legislation, most of our laws, most of our communications from the media. Fear sells – it is arguably the most powerful human emotion – it is built in our DNA – to react to situations that are dangerous. We can’t change that. What we can change, if we want to create a better and more peaceful life for ourselves, our family, and our community – is how much we allow fear to control our actions. And that is something that can only be done on the individual level.

All of our great teachers and leaders have let go of fear to do something great. You may not like all of these people, and there are certainly character flaws in them (and us) that could be argued with no conclusion. We all have different likes and beliefs and don’t agree on everything. But it is true that these people were not afraid of death, and not afraid of speaking out against the people who keep us on our knees.

This year, for many people, the election is not about Right versus Left, Conservative versus Liberal, Republican versus Democrat. For many people, this election is about attempting to find people who are not corrupt, people who want to be public servants, people who do not want to make a career our of “politics”, people who will represent all of their constituency, and not just the people who belong to a particular party. These two sides pull us back and forth – stating the fears we should have if “the other party person” gets elected.

The truth is – these politicians from both “sides” are mostly all the same – they mostly all find ways to keep us on our knees. They mostly all work on legislation that erodes the rights of the individual, and they mostly all stay silent about the forces that have destroyed our economy – the erosion of the value of the dollar, the Federal Reserve System (inflation), and the corruption of the banking and financial industries that are in cahoots with representatives from the government.

If there is one thing that will save us and preserve the liberties that are unique to our country (although they are quickly being whittled away) – it will be the separation from acting in fear and instead acting out of love. Our enemies cannot control our outcome when we detach from their fear-based agendas. You and I are powerful people, and if we understand this and believe it – we can work together to make sure we ensure health, prosperity, and safety for our kids and grandkids. So what is your greatest fear? Can you let go – and work with me to find solutions?


Winning the Economic War & Fighting Terrorism

Apparent both nationally and locally, 2012 is going to be an important year for Americans to make decisions regarding what the federal government should and should not be doing. So much money and time has been spent on special interests and social issues – neither of which should have ever been a part of the federal government’s mantra and charge for defending the individual liberties of the American people – and it is time we take a hard look and decide where to put our time, interest, and money.


Terrorism is real – it has been a part of free people’s lives since history has been recorded. There are interests that desire to control and kill factions of people based on money, religion, and other agendas. For free people, it is essential to pay attention to the basis for effectively maintaining freedom – and that is economic well-being and the ability to create and grow wealth. Only when people can exercise economic freedom, with the realization of property rights and the acknowledgement of natural rights, are we able to defend ourselves against terrorism.


Economic terrorism, a real-world means of destroying countries by using currency and the debt-system of our monetary policy, is American’s greatest terrorist threat. With the literal push of a button – our economic system as we know it could be wiped out – there are no regulations, no transparency, and no accountability to protect and defend Americans against this push of this financial melt-down button. Kevin Freeman has wrote an excellent book on the subject called Secret Weapon, and eloquently explains how America’s financial system could be collapsed with the vested interests of nations who would like to replace the dollar, and who would also be happy to end capitalism as we know it to instead adopt a different monetary policy under a different type of law. One which would erode not only our individual liberties, but also be dangerous to the peace and freedom embraced by humans around the world.


National defense is about much more than defending the borders of our country – it is also about defending the infrastructure and system by which we are able to operate freely and creatively. Whatever your belief system is, and whatever your values are – the most important thing to fight for right now is the ability to fight for and enjoy those things. If our economy is collapsed, we will no longer have the ability or freedom to do anything. And our economy and financial system could be collapsed. But unlike the scares in 2008, it will be much worse, and we may not be able to dig out.


This is about using our time and energy to focus on the taproots of problems, and as I see it – the greatest threat to the American people is economic warfare made possible by our debt, our weak currency, our monetary policy, and our lax regulation and insight of financial markets both here and abroad. This must change and change now for us to be able to continue having a voice for any of our values and special interests. This is trans-partisan – and this is something that should be discussed and deliberated by our representatives at every level of government.


Natural Rights Vs. Legal Rights

What is the difference between natural rights and legal rights? Natural rights require no “law” to interpret – these are unalienable rights – like the right to life, to consume foods and products that one desires, and the right to protect one’s body and one’s property. Legal rights are those so deemed by various “legal” or “political” entities with a vested interest in what is best for the people living within that system – or so we would hope.


What happens when legal rights start to infringe upon natural rights? As you can see throughout history – the people living under legal rights that encroach upon their unalienable natural rights as humans – eventually stand up for themselves and revolt (peacefully and otherwise) against the legal system that is constraining their free actions as humans. Whether it is has been slavery, economic oppression, or disgusting acts killing millions of people because of their identity – the people who live under legal and political systems that take away humans’ basic natural rights – must try to stand up for themselves.


An interesting phenomena taking stage for the American people is this focus on food and substance issues at the federal level of government – e.g. food regulation and marijuana use – both of which are natural rights for the human being – the right to decide what to put into one’s body. It is our natural right to decide for ourselves what to consume and how to consume such. It is our natural right to make these choices for ourselves without the heavy hand of legal or political entities dictating how and when we consume such. The recent “regulation” of salt, sugar, raw milk, etc., as well as the relentless war against a plant that has not one proven death from overdose – is such a waste of time and focus for the American people who should be concentrating on the economic disaster at hand.


I would like to argue that the ability to create exchanges between one another – either as labor or as products – is a part of our natural rights. This ability to create exchanges amongst our communities is the basis for all civilization and therefore a natural right. Our current debt-monetary-system enslaves anyone who participates, as the fiat money supply (our Federal Reserve Notes) – is nothing but promises upon promises to pay banks back. Our “money” is nothing of substance or value – it is only debt. Therefore, the nature of winners and losers is created by elite, private, self-proclaimed authorities who control the value of the interest and the rate of the inflation. If we really want to be free – we must opt out of this system.


There are ways to do this, and I have been able to find several across the nation. The whole concept of exchange allows for individuals and communities to build and grow – the basis of all of this is the value of our labor.

Colorado Mountain Hours :

Ithaca Hours (New York): and

River Hours (Oregon) :

Madison Hours (Wisconsin) :



Fixing Our Problems, Not Complaining About Them

I cannot tell you how many posts, emails, texts, calls, and other communications I receive about all hell breaking loose in our country. What is beyond my comprehension is that we are still discussing the mere existence of these problems that can be somewhat easily fixed at the state and local level of government.

There is a place for liberty and there is a place for law and justice. It is like Yin and Yang – they exist together and work together. There are good people, and there are bad people, and we have to co-exist as best we can to ensure freedom, responsibility, peace, and prosperity. Trust me, this is not easy, but I promise you that complaining about the problems does nothing to win the war – only arming yourself with the resources and tools, then engaging in the battle itself, will win the fight. That is what this is all about.

“He who knows when he can fight and when he cannot, will be victorious.” – Sun Tzu

We can fight the enemy, right here in our own community, in our own state – this is where we are strongest and where we have the most power. We are the roots of the American society, let us strengthen them to be able to deal with the storm of Washington, D.C.

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution…are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” – Amendment X to the Constitution of the united States of America

First of all, the Federal Reserve System is a banking cartel created by global elites that have sold out the American people (and the world), that have bankrupted the American people, and that have created economic slaves of all of us. This banking system must stop. Ideally, fixing the Federal Reserve in Washington, D.C,. is going to take some time. What we can do right now is have every State in the Union adopt legislation for and create State-run banks that are an effective hedge against the Federal Reserve System. A fine example of one of these state banks already exists in North Dakota. And if we are smart, we will use our most precious resource – time – to work on a similar solution in our own States.


Secondly, Congress has enacted and the President has signed into law several pieces of legislation that are downright unconstitutional. As a matter of fact, the most recent piece of legislation signed, the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) (specifically Section 1021) is treasonous. Having the military take away and detain Americans is unconstitutional and everything that our American men and women fought against in the first American Revolution. No King should be able to take away the God-given rights of another with the waft of a pen – and that is exactly what has happened. It is now “legal” (not constitutional) for an agent of the military to take me away and detain me indefinitely without a trial. If I am committing a “belligerent act” by calling our President a King, then I have just made myself an enemy of the united States of America (what happened to freedom of speech?). Other unconstitutional acts include: the Patriot Act, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), the Federal Reserve Act, and of course the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the PROTECT IP Act (PIPA), which are still being debated. Ideally we would have a Congress that would repeal the unconstitutional parts of these pieces of legislation. What we can do right now is nullify these pieces of legislation at the State or County level. Especially in the case of legislation that presents a direct threat to the civil liberties as outlined in the Bill of Rights of the Constitution – County Sheriffs at the county level are supposed to be stepping up and protecting the American people based on the Constitution of the united States of America. And of course it is a solution that we can take action on right now in our own localities.

Lastly, our military is here to protect the American people. Our law enforcement is here to protect the American people. The Oath that is sworn by law enforcement, our military, and Congress – is an oath to the Constitution of the united States of America. We must hold our military, law enforcement, and Congress accountable to this oath– we elect our fellow Americans to the role of representative and role of sheriff. And we elect our commander in chief of the military. Our last safeguard for our freedom is people like you and me. And that line in the sand, when crossed, must have consequences for those who attempt to take the life and liberty of our fellow Americans.

Liberty and law – working hand in hand – are all we have left if we are to “save” any part of our American roots. The law is the Constitution – and there is a place for justice. Liberty is our ability to “alter and abolish” our government when it is not working out to protect the people’s freedoms.

Washington, D.C. may implode – I am asking that you help elect me so that I can go there to help fix it. If that doesn’t work though, I am here no matter what to tell the federal government – NO. No more unconstitutional laws, no more unsound currency, no more unconstitutional wars. I am here to fight for you – the federal government is out of control, and it is our job to use our States and counties to step up.

Not complain – step up. Our enemy depends on fear and inaction – let’s change that.


“Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories.” – Sun Tzu






Resolution to Adopt State Bank into Platform of All Parties

By Marilyn Barnewall and David Justice

The following resolution is bring proposed for adoption at the Republican Caucus in Gunnison County Colorado.

We hope that both Democratic and Republican caucuses and Assemblies both state and national will adopt this resolution concerning a State Bank for each State:

WHEREAS, the Federal Reserve is a private, joint-stock, for-profit corporation owned by private investors, and though federally chartered, is “federal” in name only; and,

WHEREAS, the United States of America is $15 trillion in debt and counting, with no apparent end in sight and national debt is forcing negative repercussions within the State of Colorado; and,

WHEREAS, the federal government is currently spending $1.50 for every $1.00 of revenue collected which, in essence, renders debt repayment impossible because every dollar that is printed to pay the debt immediately creates 50 cents of more debt; and,

WHEREAS, the Federal Reserve both regulates monetary policy for and profits from the debt of the United States which creates a severe conflict of interest in eliminating the debt because by doing so corporate profits to the Federal Reserve are eliminated; and,

WHEREAS, the current economic model of “debt capitalism” implemented by the Federal Reserve has caused the only downgrade of the credit rating of the United States in history; and,

WHEREAS, as a result of the economic crisis, certain of America’s largest banks with branch locations in Colorado have been deemed “too big to fail”; and,

WHEREAS, to cover their losses certain of America’s largest banks have become dependent upon perpetual bailouts funded by taxes collected from the America people and owed by the posterity of Colorado residents; and,

WHEREAS, banks chartered by the federal system totally dominate finance in Colorado and should the federal banking system fail so, too, will banks in the state of Colorado fail, causing economic chaos which can be avoided if the state of Colorado creates a State Bank; and,

WHEREAS, the cost of funding the bailout of the “too big to fail” banks, coupled with the cost of funding the Uni ted States’ debt obligation, coupled with the cost of funding the operation of both state and federal governments, coupled with a non-payable debt obligation, translate into an unreasonable tax burden on the People of the State of Colorado and their posterity; and,

WHEREAS, the Federal Reserve’s economic model is causing the transfer of the wealth and property of Colorado Citizens and ongoing reduced tax payments to the State thus damaging legislative efforts to effectively and efficiently manage the demands required to provide good governance; and,

WHEREAS, given the complexity of the economic crisis, it appears that the representatives elected by the People of Colorado, may not be serving the interests of the people, but rather the debt obligation to the Federal Reserve; and,

WHEREAS, it appears the labor, property, and wealth of Coloradans is being reduced to provide security for and the servicing of the federal deficit; and,

WHEREAS, America’s founding principles provide for the strict distribution and separation of powers to prevent the tyranny of the consolidation and centralization of power which is proving destructive to the State of Colorado; and,

WHEREAS, the existence and perpetuation of the current, centralized, private-corporate, bank-government relationship is the very definition of fascism in breach of the constitutional guarantee provided in Article IV Section 4 of the Constitution of the United States of a republican form of government; and,

WHEREAS, since 1919 the People of North Dakota have owned and benefited from the successful operation of the Bank of North Dakota, the specific purpose of which has been to provide an in-state repository for the holding, management and distribution of the fees and taxes collected from the operation of the government of North Dakota; and,

WHEREAS, the Bank of North Dakota is limited in its scope and purpose to: administer bank charters and audits, make funds available for state, city and county government operations, to benefit the People and communities of North Dakota, and to provide correspondent banking services for chartered members; and,

WHEREAS, the Bank of North Dakota is prohibited from competing in the private sector with privately-owned banks also operating in North Dakota under state or federal charter; and has specifically created a structure within its State Bank Board which guarantees its Bank will function on behalf of the people and not as a political tool; and,

WHEREAS, the People of North Dakota have significantly benefited from the Bank of North Dakota which has paid the state treasurer more than $325 million from bank profits over the past ten years; and,

WHEREAS, the Bank of North Dakota is attributed with being the cause for the North Dakota economy topping the list of state economies year after year, and with being the only State that has had a continuous budget surplus since before the financial crisis of 2008; and while the rest of America has been enduring a recession, the state of North Dakota has enjoyed the largest budget surplus in its history; and,

WHEREAS, the Bank of North Dakota is attributed with being the cause why in 2011 the People of North Dakota saw almost $500 million returned to them in income and property tax cuts and will enjoy a 30% decrease in tax liability when combining 2009-2011 tax cuts; and,

WHEREAS, the Bank of North Dakota is attributed with being the cause why North Dakota has the lowest foreclosure rate, the lowest credit card default rate, and the lowest unemployment rate of any State (3.3%) in the nation; and,

WHEREAS, banks in the state of Colorado are failing at a rate five times greater than banks in other parts of the United States; and,

WHEREAS, Small businesses in the state of Colorado have experienced great difficulties in obtaining necessary capital as a result of the recession that began in 2008 and which result from the monetary policies of the national banking system under the control of the Federal Reserv e System; and,

WHEREAS, The bank of North Dakota consolidates the handling of all state funds, while in Colorado various economic development and home ownership programs have limited authority, which may be more efficient if consolidated within one agency; and,

WHEREAS, Colorado State Representative Ray Scott recently visited with the President of the Bank of North Dakota and has confirmed that it functions as provided in this resolution; and,

WHEREAS, Colorado Treasurer Walker Stapleton recently attended a National Conference for State Treasurers held in Bismarck, North Dakota and following a thorough presentation about the Bank of North Dakota has expressed his support for a Bank of Colorado following the North Dakota model; and,

Be It Resolved by the __________ County _____________  Party and its members concurring herein:

That the ____________  Party of ___________, Colorado hereby adopts and endorses the following as part of its platform:

That on the November 2012 ballot a proposal be given to Colorado voters to amend the Colorado Constitution by adding a provision authorizing legislation forming and establishing the Bank of Colorado modeled precisely after the Bank of North Dakota, to:

a. Hold in trust for the People of Colorado, any and all profits, fees and taxes collected from the operation of state, county and city governments,

b. Administer those funds collected in the best interest of and in a manner most suitable and beneficial to the People of Colorado;c. Grant state banking charters to private banks who apply for membership;

d. Act as a lending partner (correspondent bank) for chartered member banks;

e. Make low-cost loan funds available to cities, counties and other communities within

Colorado to stimulate positive business growth, new jobs, and projects required to support both growth and community stability and quality of life.

This _____ day of ________________ , 2012

A Financial “System”

Yesterday I saw the face of my grandmother as she asked me if I saw the paper that morning.  Of course the front-page headline was about the tumbling stock market.   I stay away from news that is bad for my health, but have been paying attention to the events the past two days including the volatile stock market and S&P’s downgrading of the AAA rating of the United States of America.


My grandmother looked at me and said “so much for my mutual fund”.  And to see the look on her face was the most sinking and saddening feeling that I have had in awhile.  You see, her and my grandfather sacrificed for over forty years to build their small empire, to “make it”, to raise children and love grandchildren, and to have an extremely small cushion for a rainy day.


The financial system that we have has stolen from her this small amount of safety that her and my grandfather had created with work, blood, sweat, and tears.  The financial system, with criminals at the helm, have stolen from MOST of the American people their hard work and labor, their value of their money, their savings, their retirement, their home values.  People at the federal level in government, at the top of the pile at the Federal Reserve, and in the back rooms and lobbying efforts of ill-intended companies, have stolen from us what is rightfully ours as guaranteed in our Constitution and legislated by a much Greater Power in our Universe.  These people, who have lied, cheated the American people, stolen our property, and then who threaten our well-being using fear tactics, should be sitting in prison.


Instead, they are the “leaders” of this country and it is disgusting.


My grandmother’s worry and tears are warranted, however, we will fight.  I will fight and scream and work to change this rotten and criminal financial system that we have until it is fixed or until I die.  The sadness in my grandmother’s eyes is the look of being betrayed by those you spend your whole life trusting, and this same kleptocracy will not continue to exist in my lifetime.


I don’t care what political party affiliation you are, where you stand on social issues, how much money you have or think you have – we must work together to change our monetary policy, audit or end the Federal Reserve, and get the criminals out of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches.

Dear Next Generation,

Dear Next Generation,

It is not every day that we have the opportunity to watch an anomaly in the world – a nation that is governed by the people – slowly be eroded into a nation of economic slaves, while we continue to work and play as if nothing is wrong.
While you were dialing in for American Idol, your representatives at a federal level continued to argue amongst themselves about how to deal with a $14-plus trillion debt, a deficit that as-stands will not be able to pay present and future obligations, and the fact that with both unemployment and underemployment considered, there are between 24% and 29% of American people who are suffering from not being able to work.

While you were enamored with the latest meat-attire of Lady Gaga, your government and the Federal Reserve “bailed out”, “loaned”, and “stimulated” companies, organizations, and economies of not only the United States, but also foreign entities.  The results of this are being seen, and will continue to have devastating effects on the economy.  “Quantitative easing” is like calling an EF5 tornado a “Qualitative smoothing” – it is semantics, and a lie.

While you decided that voting “didn’t do any good”, 535 people helped to make federal decisions that affect YOUR privacyYOUR right to protect yourself, and YOUR right to consume products that you may enjoy or that may benefit you.

While you didn’t “get involved” because you thought that you weren’t able or capable of participating, hundreds of men and women who cannot read the Constitution of the United States of America, who can’t read the bills until after they pass, and who cannot balance a budget, made over six figures while “representing” you.

While you were afraid to call out these politicians and “leaders” for what they were doing, several of us screamed at the top of our lungs to stop being apathetic and join us.

Thankfully, that moment is not quite over yet.  The opportunity to make a difference is real, and it is not too late.

Down to Brass Tacks

Because I am in the publishing industry, I listen to people talk – as consumers, clients, news-reporters, etc.

Yeah, the economy is slowing, the numbers look dismal, and unemployment is definitely up – that being said, I walk around town and watch thousands of people driving around, like nothing is really wrong.

What to believe?  I don’t know, but I can tell you this – our federal government needs to get down to business about what is causing the most problems for average Americans (not for big-businesses, not for big-government).  Our MONETARY POLICY is the problem.  Monetary policy – WHO CONTROLS THE MONEY SUPPLY – is what is causing the fluctuations and unsustainable behaviors in the economy.  Quantitative easing is just a word to make complete destruction sound like a nice thing.

We need to get down to brass tacks – neither Republicans or Democrats at the federal level (minus a select few) are shouting at the top of their lungs that our biggest problem is the monetary policy engaged in between Congress and the Federal Reserve.

If we focus on the VALUE of our DOLLAR (which is different than a FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE which is in your pocket right now), we can see that we are ALL being bankrupted by the system as it stands now.  We need money that allows us to build and create wealth, not fiat currency that doesn’t mean anything when in our pockets, under our mattresses, and in our banks.

Sound radical?  You bet it is – the base of the word radical means to “go back to one’s roots” by the way.  (Want to know what is REALLY “radical”?  The fact that we are over 14 TRILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT – UNBELIEVABLE).   Thomas Jefferson would want us to get to the heart of our problem and fix it – our labor is taxed, our money is legal tender – we don’t have control over our property or our earnings – how can we fix that?


Big or small, we’ve got a solution when you need it. Our advanced service and support tools provide step-by-stepinstructions without being put on hold or waiting in line.