Independent Thinking at The Good American Post

By Tisha Casida

Is it possible to both believe in preserving the environment and believe in liberty?

Is it possible to not believe in climate change but to believe that we should not pollute our air as much?

Is it possible to not believe in regulating carbon emissions but like the idea of electric cars?

Is it possible to both want to recycle and believe that the free-market will be the best vehicle to embrace the recycling industry?

Is it possible to eat organic and be a conservative-thinker?

Is it possible to be a “tree-hugger” and want to protect our second-amendment rights?

Is it possible to be a border-line vegetarian but love to hunt?

At The Good American Post, we sure think so.  Our publication embraces independent thinkers who LOVE LIBERTY and LOVE OUR FREE MARKET.  Those are the two things we stand by – our constitution and our economy – the rest is up to us, the American people to continually build and protect.

You will not hear us damning any group of people for their beliefs or their political ideologies.  You WILL hear us promoting and protecting our constitution and our free-market.

And yes, we believe that you can love sustainability and be a capitalist at the same time.

We want to hear from you, come and join us on our blog.

HR 4289 – Colorado Wilderness Act of 2009


Massive Colorado Wilderness Proposal Threatens Hunter Access and Wildlife Habitat

Contact Your Congressman Today Regarding H.R. 4289

H.R. 4289, sponsored by Representative Diane DeGette (D-01), would designate 850,000 acres of additional land in Colorado as Wilderness Area.  In light of the fact that all mechanized means of transportation, including bicycles and game carts, are prohibited in Wilderness, this would dramatically curtail hunter access to these vast areas.  In addition, Wilderness designation ends virtually all active wildlife and habitat management methods employed by state and federal biologists on all other lands.  This could not come at a worse time for Colorado with the forest devastation being caused by the pine beetle.  Wildlife officials must retain all means necessary to combat invasive species and actively manage for wildlife and forest health.

In a House Subcommittee on National Parks, Forests and Public Lands meeting this week, H.R. 4289 received a hearing where many concerns were expressed to subcommittee members.  Sportsman-advocate, Congressman John Salazar (D-3), registered opposition during his testimony by saying, “I cannot support simply imposing Wilderness on my constituents… I believe it must be negotiated and worked out with all the various stakeholders to reach a consensus.”  It is essential that Coloradans thank Congressman Salazar for taking a stand on this critical issue. Echoing some of the Congressman’s concerns, representatives of the Bureau of Land Management and U.S. Forest Service testified that much more study is necessary prior to the passage of H.R. 4289.

There are already 110 million acres of Wilderness in the United States .  These are areas often accessible only to the most able-bodied or those who have the time and resources to dedicate to lengthy pack trips.  Diminishing access to hunting lands is one of the primary reasons cited for decreasing hunter recruitment and retention rates.  The NRA will continue to defend existing access to public hunting lands throughout America .  You must play a role in this ongoing effort by contacting your congressman today and registering your opposition to H.R. 4289.
Diana DeGette (D-01)

Jared Polis (D-02)

John Salazar (D-3)

Betsy Markey (D-04)

Doug Lamborn (R-05)
202-225-4422 (click contact Doug)

Mike Coffman (R-06)

Ed Perlmutter (D-07)


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